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Tuesday, May 25, 2004:

in order to make you acquainted with my spiritual condition i will report to you what Barthold von Regensberg (1272) once said: 'A man who looks directly into the sun, into the burning radiance, will so injure his eyes that he will see it no more. it is like this also with faith; whoever looks too directly into the holy christian faith will be astonished and deeply disturbed with his thoughts'
- from a letter karl barth wrote to a friend when he first taught theology

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at godspace we've been following the church calender for the past while. it's been interesting...
this week we're on pentecost.
possible titles are: 'rent-a-ghost' or 'the dove from above'

more later

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004:

God's secret garden, this Thursday, drop in anytime:

Thursday 13th May 9-11pm @ the bush cafe, elmwood ave.

'the ascension'

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creating godspace - a place for reflection, meditation and contemplation

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004:

there's some new articles at - check out one by steve collins (who i've never met but has been very nice to us) called network church
and also one by matthew glock called "An incomplete manifesto for cross-cultural missions in the emerging post-modern culture" - here's a bit of it that i particularly liked:

Stop seeing missions as an adventure
Seeing different countries is fun. You take a few photos of famous places then return home and say, "I was there." Cross-cultural mission isn't adventure. It isn't about conquering unknown worlds.
Start seeing missions as pilgrimage
Throw out the idea of a short-term mission and jump into the idea of a pilgrimage. Give and receive, teach and learn.
Colonial imperialism is dead, why do we still propagate it?
The Colonial Empires were built on the assumption that their way of life was the 'right way'. By going to other lands and peoples and teaching them about the 'right way' they were making them civilized. It also meant that the homeland would be enriched by the natural resources discovered in far away places. An overly simplistic view? Probably. Far from the truth of what churches and missions agencies do in the name of the Gospel? Less than we'd like to think.
Too often the 'right way' is our culturally biased theology and forms of church. The natural resources are the souls that we win. The result is churches warped by an ideal that is not theirs and overly dependant on the 'homeland'.
Banish the terms of 'mission fields' and 'sending countries'
Those terms are just nice ways of saying 'colony' and 'homeland'.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004:

here's a prayer we used at last week's godspace -

its about a journey
its about being numb from the pain of loss
its about not being able to see the very thing you should be looking at
look! its right under your nose
its about disbelief
its about shock
its about doubt
its about trust
its about engaging with Christ and not even knowing you're doing it

thanks to John G for sharing it.

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a few of us were discussing what songs the disciples hummed to themselves as they walked home on ascension day....which do you think it was?
'leaving on a jet plane' - like in armageddon (the film that is, not the real thing)
anything by 'air'
'lifted' by 'the lighthouse family'
'up, up and away' by 'andy williams'
'i believe i can fly' by 'r kelly'
'reach for the stars' by 's club'
'stairway to heaven' by 'led zeppelin' (or rolf harris, depends on your taste)
'the only way is up' by 'yazz and the plastic population'
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'movin on up' by 'primal scream'
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