echoes of athenian idols

Wednesday, March 31, 2004:

check out our new godspace website - more stuff will be added to it over time - please give us feedback via the email
well done ricky and andy you have done a fantastic job and thanks to gordon for letting us put up some of his photos
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God's secret garden, this Thursday, drop in anytime:

Thursday 1st April 9-11pm @ the bush cafe, elmwood ave.

'trying to get back up'

creating godspace - a place for reflection, meditation and contemplation

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Monday, March 22, 2004:

mini-retreat at dungiven castle 2nd/3rd March - so far there are about 15 or so going. still a good few places available if anyone is thinking about it - you'd be most welcome. let us know this for more details
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Tuesday, March 16, 2004:

sorry for the lack of blogging here. as time has gone on i've realised this is not the place for my little rants but is more of a public forum - what is put up here will determine how echo is judged as a group by those who hit on this site, and that makes me a little uncomfortable, and also leaves me with a feeling of responsibility not to make this blog about my own opinion.

here's a bit more info on what we're up to at the moment:

we have a couple of projects on the go - a proper godspace website which will hopefully be launched very soon, and also a project called 'ethical clubbing' which is designed to serve the clubbing population of belfast. it'll have up-to-date clubbing news for belfast, as well as lots of relevant advice, information and contacts for various relevant ethical issues relating to the culture. we're also getting printed two runs of clubby flyers - one for publicity and the other with basic harm reduction information on it. the goals are to highlight ethical issues in club culture and to get basic harm reduction information into the hands of clubbers. there's no spiritual slant at all as we thought this would not be advantageous to the goals of the project, and we wouldnt have got funding for it anyway. i'm not sure anyway that coming at ethical issues with an agenda is the proper way to do things - much better to give people the information and leave them to make up their own minds, which i think is a much more adult and spiritual approach. the project isnt to be launched for another few weeks, but we'd appreciate any feedback you had, eg suggestions, criticisms, thoughts, etc. via comments here or email

you can check it out here (although not 100% finished yet) -
ethical clubbing
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God's secret garden is on this Thursday. As usual, you can drop in anytime:

Thursday 18th March 9-11pm @ the bush cafe, elmwood ave.

continuing the journey through lent

'the hope of a new childhood'

creating godspace - a place for reflection, meditation and contemplation

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004:

God's secret garden, this Thursday, drop in anytime:

Thursday 5th March 9-10.30pm @ the bush cafe, elmwood ave.

'a night of pizza, chat and reflections on lent'

slightly different this week - pizza and some reflections to be read aloud -
food for the body and food for the soul...hope you can join us (the pizza is
at half nine so be on time if you want any)

check out the new poll too -------------->

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This is the echo weblog. An echo is somewhere between a voice and no voice, somewhere between hearing and not hearing, and somewhere between knowing and not knowing. It's a place of faith and doubt. It's for all those trying to shed their snake skins of tradition, pride, ignorance, prejudice, and trying to work things out for themselves. It's for those caught dancing in the dichotomy of clubbing and christianity, and still trying to follow Christ.
a few of us were discussing what songs the disciples hummed to themselves as they walked home on ascension day....which do you think it was?
'leaving on a jet plane' - like in armageddon (the film that is, not the real thing)
anything by 'air'
'lifted' by 'the lighthouse family'
'up, up and away' by 'andy williams'
'i believe i can fly' by 'r kelly'
'reach for the stars' by 's club'
'stairway to heaven' by 'led zeppelin' (or rolf harris, depends on your taste)
'the only way is up' by 'yazz and the plastic population'
'i'll fly away' by 'alison krauss'
'movin on up' by 'primal scream'
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