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Friday, November 28, 2003:

check out two posts from wednesday on 'Spotlighting: Who shots who?' and 'Spotlighting possums' on emergent kiwi, and check out more here. lots about paul in athens.
here's a quote:
'And I contrast spotlighting, firing volleys at those outside the church, with Paul in Athens. Paul finds a culture who doesn’t understand his Christian language and ideas. His “strategy” is to walk around the city. His strategy is to listen to their poetry and ideas. His strategy is to seek a common starting point.' great stuff.
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Thursday, November 27, 2003:

It's world AIDS day on Monday, and Christian Aid are holding a vigil on the ground floor of the Students Union building at Queens, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. All welcome.
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Monday, November 24, 2003:

here are a couple of the readings we used at last thursday's godspace. the subject was 'temptation'. it's hard to recreate the atmosphere online, so if you're wondering what it's all about then you'll just have to make it along sometime.


Every time
I get to the bit
Where the serpent slides up to Eve
Telling the most blatant lie

I always think
This time she wont fall for it
Not this time, not our Eve

And everytime
I get to the bit
Where she takes the fruit
(turning it lovingly in her artless fingers, stomach hallow with desire)

I always think
Surely this time she wont do it
But she does
Every time, damn it
She does.

- Godfery Rust

Listen: I’m not a bad person. I’m a doctor. One of the reasons I wanted to become a doctor was because I thought it would be a good – as in Good, rather than exciting or well-paid or glamorous – thing to do. I liked how it sounded: ‘I want to be a doctor’, ‘I’m training to be a doctor’, ‘I’m a GP in a small London practice’. I thought it made me seem just right – professional , kind of brainy, not too flashy, respectable, mature, caring. You think doctors don’t care about how things look, because they’re doctors? Of course we do. Anyway. I’m a good person, a doctor, and I’m lying in a hotel bed with a man I don’t really know very well called Stephen, and I’ve just asked my husband for a divorce.
Stephen, not surprisingly, is awake.
‘You all right?’ he asks me.
I cant look at him. A couple of hours ago his hands were all over me, and I wanted them there, too, but now I don’t want him in the bed, in the room, in Leeds.
‘Bit restless.’ I get out of bed and start to get dressed. ‘I’m going out for a walk.’

Taken from: How to be good by nick hornby

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big night this week at shine: Carl Cox, Junior Sanchez, Silicone Soul, Erol Alkan, The Glimmer Twins, Cutmaster Swift, Alan Simms, Nik Muzka & Chris Caul. tickets
available @ Queens (1 'til 6pm),Virgin Belfast,
Underground Bangor and Mixmaster records priced
£14 NUS/members and £16 others.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003:

a little update, well, more a couple of stories of conversations i have had recently. here goes..
last weekend we were doing some godspace stuff for 'autumn soul' (a big methodist youth event, btw thanks to gillian and lisa for inviting us), and bumped into a girl who was helping out at the tear fund stuff there. she came up to me and ricky and asked me 'are you the guy who does godspace?' turns out she had been once before (friend of the great, great john p.) and had come down last thursday night and brought some friends, but we werent there (it's only every fortnight). i said i was sorry, but she said, ‘no, it didn’t matter we just did our own!’ they went home and set up their own godspace in their house, with the readings from the previous one, and candles and everything. another of the tear fund girls there told us we'd be doing ourselves out of a job if we werent careful! after I got over the shock of the possibility of losing my job, I realised that if people just went out and set up their own, it wouldn’t be so bad would it?
yesterday: was talking to a minister who told me that the sermon is dead. was interesting coming from him (he's about 60 i think, fantastic bloke. sometimes encouragement comes from places you don’t expect) - he said most of the time ministers are only talking to themselves – and added that noone listens anyway b/c we have an automatic ‘switch off’ to church services. then he told me that in the church he is involved with – where numbers at the services have been declining for years – they have a simple communion service which has been growing. it’s small but growing. even among the old, he told me, there is a spiritual hunger for god, but it's a hunger for something real, somewhere where people can go to connect with god for themselves, not to be shouted at or even talked at, but where they can just 'be' with god.
just a few thoughts.

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god's secret garden is on at the bush cafe, elmwood ave. on thursday night. doors open 9pm - 11pm
this week we're continuing our exploration of the desert and looking at 'temptation'.

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check out paul thompson's article 'the e at the heart of emerging' on emerging

here's a sample:

'..everybody would squeeze in or join in thru the hatch (opens from kitchen)... sitting round - spikkin tae Goad ... min... the heat in that room - I can still feel it (as well as the smell of glue and kids prefume and biscuits... the smell of God. I remember that it gave us 'guys' permission to talk - really talk to each other... we even had a game - we would give each other all our wages - part time jobs - at the end of the week - or lay hands on our dog to see what would happen...'

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003:

ricky linton starts working for us on part-time basis this week. welcome to him, looking forward to having his input and watch out for the godspace website he is workin on.
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check out the new raven site

it looks great
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Tuesday, November 11, 2003:

here is a sample from last thursday's godspace:

People go around dressed to the nines, and in our minds we go around undressing them. Again one wonders why. It’s not just to see their bodies surely. We already know what those look like. If our most abandoned fantasies came true and we were actually to have our way with the bodies that attract us most, I suspect it wouldn’t even be that either. We already know just what bodies can do and what they can’t.

Maybe our hunger to know each other fully naked is in the last analysis simply our hunger to know each other fully. I want to know you with all your defences down, all your pretences set aside, all your secrets laid bare. Then maybe I will be brave enough to lay myself bare so that at last we can be naked together and unashamed.

- Frederick Buechner

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003:

god's secret garden is this thursday @ the bush cafe, elmwood ave. 9pm-11pm, drop in anytime.
we're continuing our exploration of the desert, this weeks is on 'nakedness'. bring clothes though please.

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a few of us were discussing what songs the disciples hummed to themselves as they walked home on ascension day....which do you think it was?
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