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Wednesday, October 29, 2003:

this german guy called johannes is linking to us at the moment, dont understand much of his site but here it is! if you speak german it might be the one for you!
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This Saturday is the 8th Birthday @ Shine:

Room 1:
Dave Clarke live
Paul Daley
Phil Kieran

Room 2:
Tom Middleton
Jon Carter
Alan Simms

Room 3:
The Scratch Perverts (Plus One, Tony Vegas & Prime Cuts on six decks)
London Elektricity (dj set)
Nik Muzka

The Bar:
Simon McDermott & the Nublood finalists: Jim Harte, Darren Allen & Gareth Hogan.

£14 NUS/members £16 others

**** // 10:30 am


Tuesday, October 28, 2003:

the following is one of the readings from the thirst/hunger godspace we did last week. thanks to gordy for it.

Without hunger and thirst
you will not stand out among the well-fed.
Without hunger and thirst
you don’t have to look for fresh water.
Without hunger and thirst
you will be satisfied with yourself.
Without hunger and thirst
you will not understand the hunger and thirst of others.
Without hunger and thirst
you don’t need to cry.
Without hunger and thirst
you will not sleep well.
Without hunger and thirst
you won’t eat and grow anymore.
Without hunger and thirst
you don’t belong to the community of the hungry and thirsty.

Without hunger and thirst
you will not see God.
His mercy goes out to the yearning and searching.

In hunger and thirst God is our teacher,
who creates in us the openness
to look for and to learn new things.

- Ulrich Schaffer

**** // 12:30 pm


Sunday, October 26, 2003:

ad for abusters (am i the only one that think that is weird?), anyway, it is a great idea:

Buy Nothing Day

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003:

god's secret garden is this thursday, drop in anytime:

Thursday 23rd October 9-11pm @ the bush cafe, elmwood ave.

creating godspace - a place for reflection, meditation and contemplation

continuing our exploration of the desert, we will be exploring the concept of 'hunger'

**** // 11:57 am


Sunday, October 19, 2003:

we use various readings from all sorts of sources at godspace. here is one we used from douglas coupland's latest book last thursday when we explored the theme of 'the desert':

"It was over a hundred degrees outside, my first exposure to genuine heat, Jason’s too. My lungs had never felt so pure. In the taxi to Caesar’s Palace I looked out at the desert – real desert – and tried to imagine every parable I’d ever heard taking place in that lifeless nothingness. I couldn’t have stood five minutes out there in that oven, and I wondered how the bible ever managed to happen. They must have had different weather back then – or trees – or rivers and shade. Good Lord, the desert is harsh."
- Cheryl

Taken from Hey Nostradamus by Douglas Coupland

**** // 10:37 pm


Monday, October 13, 2003:

this saturday at shine there are UMEK and Alan Simms, in the bar are Andy Votel and Nik Nuzka. £9 NUS/members, £11 others.
**** // 3:29 pm


god's secret garden - this week, thursday 16th, @ the bush cafe, elmwood ave. creating godspace for reflection, meditation and contemplation.
over the next five weeks we will be exploring different themes relating to the desert. this week's is an introduction.

**** // 2:05 pm


Wednesday, October 08, 2003:

in case anyone's wondering there will be no god's secret garden this week. instead there will be one next week, and also one the week after. next week's will be exploring the theme of 'the desert'. more details to follow...
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Tuesday, October 07, 2003:

poll number two is here, so get voting! hopefully now we can get to the bottom of this! there were punches, tears, and tantrums, but who was to blame? you decide. (feeling a bit like ray from blind date here)
we also have a lovely new tag board, so leave us a message!

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downloaded wee beautiful pict's holylamb mix today....nice work paul t
also came across this spiritualized site - thanks to tangled wib- track 3 is definately worth checkin out
also, check out who's linking to your blog or site here
**** // 10:57 am


Monday, October 06, 2003:

from the shine mailing list:
@ Shine this week: Andrew Weatherall & Agoria. To be expected is a night of electro flavoured techno from two of the top exponents in the business today. In the bar we have Alan Simms & Simon McDermott. Tickets are a mere £8 NUS/members and £10 others at the door.
**** // 3:52 pm


Wednesday, October 01, 2003:

so far wee jasmine is way out in front in our poll of the week. good on her! for those who dont know, jasmine is three! (i think..)
gonna have a new poll every week or so i think...provided we get some ideas for some. let's here them in the comments below please!
the next one may be something like 'can civilian casualties be justified in pre-emptive strikes during tent warfare' or maybe 'who was most to blame for steve getting his head punched in at greenbelt?' i blame jasmine...

**** // 10:00 pm


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