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Friday, August 29, 2003:

just want to plug the wee beautiful pic blog again. it is looking to be one of the most original and most interesting blogs i have seen for a long time.

here is a sample post for ya:

"I talked more with haggis about why he doesn't see angels. After chatting, it turns out he doesn't really SEE birds or even persons either. He says it is common nowadays to walk down a street and not SEE persons - we 'walk through' a blur of persons - and we call it: 'people'. We don't really see a 'bird' or 'flower' or 'tree'; we 'notice' a blur of outside stuff - and call it 'nature'. I have a question: how do you make friends with a blur??

p.s. I better explain about the angels then: they are about whats essential, specific and unique INSIDE the world around us.

p.p.s Just had a thought - maybe you hear them? like we see them - you use all kinds of words that describe whats inside and important about people and places and stuff don't you! just a thought!"
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Thursday, August 28, 2003:

back from greenbelt....great few days. thanks to everyone who came and participated. we gave out over 700 flyers and had 150 people come to one of our 'godspace's, which definately was a new record many times over.
will put more up about greenbelt soon, including how to create last night chaos among campers and escape from any blame yourself. in the mean time...
headlining at
shine this week is Alan Simms and Wally Lopez
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Wednesday, August 20, 2003:

prob last post til after greenbelt, mad busy.
so...very quickly, a couple of very cool things are
our very own
jonny baker's (norn iron version) blog
also, step into the blogging world from a fifth century monk who woke up in edinburgh recently. you can find wee beautiful pict here
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Tuesday, August 19, 2003:

no updates for a while, sorry about that.
echo crew hits
greenbelt this weekend, complete with t-shirts and flyers, among other things. should be quite a sight. i think we're all looking forward to it. everyone's pitchin in and it's comin together nicely.
if you're going, last meeting before we go is wed. night 8pm,my house. bring yer money and yerself.
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Monday, August 04, 2003:

not much to report for a while; the big echo news at the moment is that jonny baker (not the famous one, although it depends who you know i suppose!) is starting to work for echo next week in a part-time capacity, which i'm really looking forward to.
we've also got a few little projects in the pipeline which you'll hear about over the coming months...
nice post by
emergent kiwi about the new piglet movie. might want to go and see it now.
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a few of us were discussing what songs the disciples hummed to themselves as they walked home on ascension day....which do you think it was?
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